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Seeing your colleague leave the organization can be quite a downer, especially when you have worked with them for years and built a good relationship. While there’s not much you can do about the going away part, you can always have one last day of awesomeness by picking the best farewell gifts you can think of. Picking a great gift for your coworker is a way to show them how much you care, especially when your gift is highly personalized. In this list, we have put together 47 gifting items that are sure to be a delight!

Funny farewell gifts

Here’s a list of hilarious farewell gifts your coworkers will appreciate!

1. Coffee mugs with hilarious messages


Coffee mugs are great gift items both for keeps or daily use. Since it the most frequently gifted thing you might want to make sure you give your coworker one mug as a team so their cupboards won’t get filled with empty ceramic! Give them a customized mug with a picture of the team so they will always remember and a funny message such as “Good luck finding better coworkers” or “Make way, traitor coming through”.

2. Team T-shirts with funny messages


A T-shirt or a few with your team’s logo is gift they can wear for a long time and reminisce about the good times together. To make it last longer ensure the shirt is made of a good, thick material that can withstand several years of use. Also make it their favorite color so they will always feel like wearing it!

3. Funny farewell card


Farewell cards with funny messages are great both as a stand-alone gift or complimentary to something else you’re gifting them. Unless your coworker loves keeping stuff for years as nostalgia, cards won’t stick around for long.

So pick a good farewell greeting card design and gift them something with an absolutely hilarious message to make an impression such as “You are dead to us”!

4. Hourglass sand timer

Hour glass

For that coworker who tends to slack or lose track of time, an hourglass is a hilarious gift! Pick a model with a time limit of 15 to 30 minutes, so they are always aware of how many chunks of time have passed.

5. Mini handheld/desk fan


You know that coworker who always complains about how hot it is, despite the air conditioning being set close to freezing? This is the ideal gift for that person! A small portable fan running on an inbuilt battery is great for carrying. A USB version should work well if they need something that gives a goof breeze.

6. Tabletop punching bag

Punching bag

If your co-worker tends to get stressed or stay on edge all the time, then a punching bag is a much-needed stress reliever! It’s better than a fidget spinner because it gets them moving when they feel anxious and brings some fun to the desk.

7. Tote bag

Tote bag

People who like carrying lots of stuff around would appreciate a tote bag, and to make it better, a hilarious message they can sport at their next job! A thick canvas bag can hold a print for a long time so they won’t forget you any time soon. It’s also washable and durable so a great gift considering everything.

8. Coasters


Customized coasters with pictures of your team when you had fun times together are best choice as employee leaving gift. Get them a set with different, funny pictures of your good times together and even throw in a few with some hilarious messages that will put a smile on their face every time they have a drink at home!

9. Stress buster coloring set

color pencil

For the artistically inclined coworker a great coloring set is a thoughtful gift for their next stressful job! Pick a set that comes with good-quality drawing books and sets of coloring pencils, crayon and maybe even acrylic paints. Anything that gives them a quick creative outlet is a stress buster regardless of the time of the day!

10. Microfiber cleaning set for desk

cleaning set

A cleaning set is a perfect gift for that messy coworker whose desk is the local dump. Whether at home or at the next job, the set you give them will be the motivation to keep their stations clean. On a side note, it is a kit everybody should have, as keyboards are bound to have spills or collect dust over time.

Along with any of the gifts above, throw in a farewell gift voucher they can redeem at Myntra for a stylish dress they have always wanted to buy!

Thoughtful farewell gifts

Coworkers, especially those you have associated with for many years, are as good as friends you’ve had for a lifetime. So what can be a good farewell gift other than a thoughtfully chosen item that shows them you care? Here are some ideas:

1. Charity and donations gift card

We always come across kind and generous people who give to the less fortunate at every opportunity. If your coworker has a big heart, then a charity & donations gift card from Xoxoday is a wonderful way to show your coworker that you were paying attention to their kindness.

2. Books


Books are gifts that last for a life time! Regardless of whether your coworker is a bibliophile or an occasional reader, a thoughtfully chosen book can make a lot of difference to their life. Knowing the type of person they are you can pick a good book on a topic you know they will enjoy or can learn a lot from.

3. Journal and pen


Writing is a great habit not many people have. It can de-clutter the mind and organize thoughts in ways that can be transformative. If you have a coworker who knows such a process, a journal and pen can be a great gift they will surely appreciate.

A coworker who is already into journaling their life or experiences will also highly appreciate the gesture. All you need to do is pay attention to what they already have and gift them something similar or better!

4. Wellness and sports gift cards

In the modern sedentary lifestyle, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of unhealthy eating habits without proper physical exercise. To encourage your coworker to start working on their fitness goal, you can gift them a wellness & sports gift card from Xoxoday. If they are already into fitness, these farewell gift cards are some of the best gifts they will receive before moving to the next phase of their life.

5. Desk trinkets


Your coworker moves to their next job and will take a while before they make new friends. In the mean time they can still take comfort in remembering old friends through desk trinkets you gift them. Anything thoughtful you can give them will not only be useful by itself, but also show others how much they mean to you. It may even help them set the foundation for new professional relationships as a conversation starter!

6. Magnetic phone holder

phone holder

If you feel your coworker spends too much time reaching into their pocket for their phone every time they get a message, get them a magnetic phone holder! These devices are reliable and can be mounted on most surfaces, whether it’s a desk or a car. It keeps their phone in view and their hands free!

7. Fashionable vacuum insulated steel flask


A lot of people prefer to carry their own hot water around all day. A fashionable hot water flask is a delightful gift for such people to they can add one more flask to their collection! Vacuum stainless steel flasks can keep water hot all day or even be used to store hot beverages. Your colleague can sure use a cool new flask at their next job!

8. Under desk foot stool

foot stool

A foot stool can be quite a useful gift, especially if you’ve seen your colleague struggling with their work stations in the office. Elevating the legs to the proper height can greatly improve posture and reduce the fatigue and pain associated with it. A model where you can adjust the height a couple of inches can be useful both at home and their new work place!

9. Comfy office slippers

office slippers

Many people don’t give much thought about it but what you wear on your feet can affect your mood all day! While it’s important to stay formal, sometimes slipping into comfortable slippers can greatly reduce stress and even stimulate creativity. Gift your coworker a comfortable pair of slippers for their next job so they feel relaxed and work better!

10. Leather business card holder

business card holder

Business card holders will never run out of style! If your coworker is in a role that requires them to meet new people frequently then a classy leather business card holder is just what they need. Card holders quickly run out of luster and they can always use a new one, especially when meeting high profile clients. Gift them one of these and watch their eyes light up!

11. Office multi utility knife


For that college who always has trouble opening lids, fixing a desk or needing a tool for a task, an office multi utility knife is a useful gift. A great one such as a Swiss army knife comes with a range of tools including blades, openers, cork screw, scissors, flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers and cutters. While these seem insignificant at first, you can only appreciate the utility of this tool at your moment of need!

12. Posture corrector

posture corrector

Sitting in a bad posture can lead to more health problems than we realize. If you have a coworker who often complains about aches or soreness, they just might have bad posture over a long period of time. A posture corrector offers support to the back and helps people sit well. It’s a gift that can save a lot of pain and protect them from onset of long term ailments.

13. Desk calendar


Highly organized people love their schedules and calendars. Although they do most of their scheduling on their phones, a physical calendar can still keep things real. Your highly industrious coworker would definitely appreciate a desk calendar that has plenty of useful information on it such as important dates, maybe an inspirational quote and plenty of space to write notes.

14. Memory foam back cushion


Regardless of how comfortable or ergonomically designed our office chairs are, sitting on them for long periods of time is sure to put some pressure on our back and shoulders. The result is back, shoulder and neck pain and worse stiffness. A Good back cushion can make all the difference to your coworker who sits for long hours at work. Changing posture now and then using the memory cushion is a great way to ward off back pain!

15. Gift pack

One of the perks of knowing your coworker well is you can put together a gift pack that is highly customized for what they would appreciate. If your coworker badly needs a vacation just before they join a new company you can put together a vacation pack with stuff they will need such as a voucher for hotels or travel, trekking gear, or other vacation essentials. If they need to take time off to figure things out, a mindfulness kit with things such as a journal, scented candles, books and herbal tea would be great.

Chances are your coworker is a foodie and loves to try new cuisines. A food & restaurant voucher from Xoxoday would go perfectly well with any of the above gifts! Delight them with a treat!

Heartwarming farewell gifts

So what can be given as a farewell gift that makes your coworker melt? Check out some of these!

1. Desk plants


Desk plants have a way of making us feel relaxed and in touch with nature. People who feel stressed or anxious can feel a sense of calm by seeing of touching a desk plant. Gift your coworker a desk plant for their next job to cheer them up and always think of you every time they care for the plant! Plant types such as lucky bamboo, succulents, orchids and bonsais can also go well on any desk.

2. Favorite coworker keychain


A great keychain is an item that can last for years especially when it’s made of durable materials. Gift your coworker a metal keychain with “favorite coworker” engraved on it. Many different custom made keychain designs are available online that are a great fit for people of all types.

3. Food and restaurant gift cards

gift card

Is your friend an absolute foodie who loves to eat all the time? Then a food & restaurant voucher from Xoxoday might just be the only gift they will need to cheer up. Treat them to their favorite restaurant and have a great farewell.

4. Hand written farewell card with a gift voucher

gift card

There are few things as touching as a handmade gift or a simple hand written farewell card. You can start by picking a card online or at a gift store, or if you’re artistic enough then make one using art supplies! Leave a heartfelt note reminiscing about all the good times and the funny incidents, and wish them the best on their journey ahead.

Make it extra special by leaving behind a gift voucher for something you know they would enjoy. Check out Xoxoday’s extensive gift card collection to pick one that is just right for your coworker.

5. Scented candles set

candle set

If you are reading this section on what is a good gift for a colleague farewell that is heartwarming, then chances are you know the kind of perfumes or aromas they love. Pick a set of scented candles that you know your coworker will enjoy or better still make some by yourself!

Making scented candles is not that hard as you’ll mostly need wax and essential oils along with some equipment. The personalization that goes into this project is what makes it extra special!

6. Cold brew coffee maker

coffee maker

Nothing makes a coffee lover happier than a coffee brewer that gives them their instant caffeine fix. A simple cold coffee brewer can be a great gift if they don’t already have one, especially if they are working from home. Great brewers allow them to brew cold coffee quickly and get going with their work in no time.

7. Favorite Perfume


Fragrances and cologne have a way of making people feel great about themselves. A premium quality perfume can stay on all day and have the power to influence how others feel around you. If you know your coworker’s favorite perfume a new bottle can be a great farewell gift.

8. Cell phone stand

phone stand

A great looking cell phone stand is a perfect gift for a new workplace. Models that come with features such as an inbuilt charging station and slots for other items have more appeal on the desk. Having their phone neatly placed on the stand gives a more orderly look to their work station. If your coworker is someone who uses his phone for the job then this will be a great gift.

9. Set of comfortable socks


Regardless of what the occasion is, socks are perfect gifts! Whether you’ve known your coworker for a month or five years, a great pair of socks will always be a much-appreciated gift. You can pick a range of socks from formal to fancy or a pair that goes with their winter wear. Make sure you gift them at least three pairs if they’re formal.

Unsure about what your coworker might like or dislike as a gift? Then stay on the safe side and gift them an entertainment gift voucher from Xoxoday!

Digital farewell gifts

If you’re not much for gifting cheesy things then here are some of the best farewell gifts that are digital and add much value to your farewell gift:

1. Power banks

power bank

Regardless of our smart devices' battery capacities, we can always use some extra juice wherever we go. Having a power bank gives the freedom of not having to stick around power sockets wherever we travel. If you find that your coworker is always running low on juice then a power bank is an ideal gift. Pick one that is in the 5,000 mAh to 10,000 mAh category and watch their eyes light up!

2. Headphones


Considering the range of models available and how quickly existing ones wear out, headphones are never a bad gifting idea. An audiophile would appreciate a well-researched model of ear plugs so give it a fair bit of study time before if you pick one. If you’re in doubt you can always ask them the model they fancy!

3. Travel gift vouchers

Gift card

Nothing delights travelers than discounts, low prices and anything that slashes their travel expenses. If your coworker is an avid traveler then travel gift vouchers just might the perfect farewell gifts for them! On Xoxoday you can find gift vouchers to leading hotels such as the Taj and Marriott or vouchers to Cleartrip Flights and Hotels and Yatra. Delight them with a gift voucher to make their trips cheaper!

4. Cash & prepaid cards

If you’re uncertain about the exact gift you want to give them, you can always go the old fashioned way and give them money! Of course it’s a lot different from how our grandparents did during every visit! You can gift them prepaid cards from Xoxoday loaded with cash for all their shopping needs. The cash can be redeemed within a set period of time and used anywhere across the country.

5. Learning gift cards

Gift card

The one thing people who love to read is staying updated on the current trends and all the content they can get hands on before others do. Some would even appreciate the opportunity to learn all they can through a premium subscription to leading journals and newsletters.

Gift your coworker learning gift cards from Xoxoday to leading journals so they can stay updated on all the news and emergent trends.

6. Electronics gift cards

Were you were thinking about gifting your coworker a gadget but unsure what to buy? Then gift them an electronics gift card from Xoxoday to leading stores such as Croma, Spencer’s or Vivek’s.

Give them the power of choice! Let them pick precisely what they desire and redeem the gift card at the store. If you are unsure you can always ask them about the store they intend to shop in or suggest one for shopping.

7. Entertainment subscription gift card

gift card

Sometimes you are unfamiliar with coworkers especially, if you’re the new person in the team and just getting to know people. If such a person is leaving and you’re unsure what to gift them, an entertainment subscription is a safe bet! Most people would have subscription to popular OTT providers such as Hotstar or Ganaa, so a subscription gift card from Xoxoday can be a perfect gift to make a good impression!

8. Flexible keyboard

Flexible keyboard

Flexible keyboards are a delightful gift to computer nerds who are always travelling around with their devices. If your coworker is such a person, maybe they already have a flexible keyboard, but if they don’t they would appreciate one a lot!

It has a lot of advantages over a conventional keyboard and is even immune to a range of things such as liquid spills, impacts and space constraints. You can just roll one up and carry it in your pocket!

9. Wireless keyboard and mouse set

mouse and Keyboard

With a traditional desktop set up we are glued to the wired keyboard and mouse set up which becomes uncomfortable after a few hours of continuous use. The result is fatigue and pain from sitting in the same posture all day.

Using a wireless keyboard and mouse frees us from this condition giving more flexibility to our posture. If you coworker complains of body aches from sitting at the desk all day, a wireless keyboard and mouse is a wonderful gift!

10. Fitness tracker

fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is great for monitoring such things as the number of steps taken during the day, heart rate, calories burned, sleep patterns and more. Coworkers who are used to sedentary lives can use a little motivation when it comes to getting up to move. If you want to really give them a boost on their way out, tag the gift with a wellness e-Gift voucher to!

11. Extra long charging cable


Our smart devices often run out of juice at home and work. The stock charger cables that come with the devices barely allow our mobility to an arm’s length while charging the device. Having an extra-long charging cable is a blessing for those who struggle with their phones while charging!

12. All purpose battery charger


This device is again a much-appreciated gift by people who juggle multiple devices at work. With so many chargers for each device they will not only have to carry all that tangled mess to work but fight with others for the extra charging port!

An all-propose charger comes with multiple pins that charge every device imaginable from the phone to the tablet and even other battery-operated devices.

13. Bluetooth speakers


Bluetooth speakers are a pleasant gift for people who like listening to music while working out or cooking at home. If your coworker has been thinking of buying one for a while then surprise them with one! All Bluetooth speakers can connect with every existing smart device and give a great sound quality, so you can’t go wrong on any model you choose to gift.

After all the fun and good time you had with your coworker the farewell is a bitter-sweet ending. Why not end the great journey on a kind note? Gift them a charity & donations voucher from Xoxoday today.


The above list covers an extensive range of best farewell gifts for coworkers. Choose your gifts based on how long you have known them and think about the need they may have for the item. The more personalized your gift it, the more value it carries! So give your gifts a careful thought whether it is for a coworker you have known only for a matter of months or many years.

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