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91% of the leading HR professionals believe employee rewards and recognition make them more likely to stay.

Different employee recognition programs benefit organization’s values, improve business productivity, and positively affect its culture.

As we approach the new year, you must put on your thinking caps to choose a few of the best new year awards ideas.

What better way to showcase appreciation for your employees after 12 months of straight hustle, right?

So, here are the best new year reward ideas highlighting how much you value your employees’ contributions.

Have a look.

12 Best new year reward ideas for workplace

There are many happy new year reward’s ideas you can use to appreciate and recognize the efforts put in by your workforce, but we have filtered the best for you.

1. Have an annual awards ceremony

Organizing an annual awards ceremony this new year can show your employees their hard work is valued. It can also help them initiate an annual tradition for a positive work culture. Award them with fun titles that we have covered in the second half of the blog.

2. Learning and development gift vouchers

Promoting consistent growth among employees can positively impact your productivity. Reward your employees who are learning and growing with gift vouchers for retaining top performers.

3. Personalized stationery

Branded pens or notepads can be thoughtful gifts showing your employees you care about them. Your employees would not appreciate the gesture, which can boost their morale and productivity.

4. Certificate of appreciation

Saying thank you using a certificate of appreciation to your employees is a great way to show that their hard work is valued and recognized at your organization.

5. Gift cards

Giving gift cards this new year can remind your employees of your business and the hard work they put in that got them your appreciation.

Elevate your company's New Year celebration with our exclusive Digital Corporate gift cards, meticulously crafted to recognize and reward your employees in a way that speaks to the essence of the digital age. Choose gifts that inspire, motivate, and set the stage for a year filled with prosperity and collective accomplishments.

6. Unique experiences

Delivering unique experiences to your employees can help create a happy and positive work ecosystem. Unique new year’s rewards can be a great expression of recognition.

7. Combination rewards

Combine multiple rewards to increase the positive impact on the employees and ensure you improve employee retention, recognition, and happiness at your company.

Providing quality and personalized work-related gifts like laptop, customized tech kit organizer, stationary, etc. can foster a connection to the team and a sense of belonging.

9. Local sports event tickets

Keeping your best employees engaged in interesting activities and buying their favorite sports event tickets can encourage togetherness and positive work culture.

10. Incentive trips

Incentivize your top performers with national or international trips using data-backed insights to show your appreciation towards their hard work and dedication.

11. Offer more vacation days

Let your employee rejuvenate and recover from consistent dedication and grit to help your company with more vacation days in the upcoming year.

12. Movie tickets

Gifting entertainment escapades help your employees relax and reduce stress. give them gift cards to buy tickets of their favorite movies and let them relax with their loved ones.

13. Fine dining with the team

Offering splendid fine dining experiences to your employees with the team will make them feel appreciated and recognized. It can also bring a sense of connectedness.

14. A personalized wish from the CEO

Improving leadership visibility wins over employees' minds and hearts using personalized happy new year wishes.

Implementing these new year reward ideas can promote employee engagement with your brand and unlock the true potential of your biggest competitive advantage.

Apart from these best new year reward ideas, you can also use different awards to retain your best talent and integrate a people-first culture.

25 Fun new year awards for employees and teams

Giving recognition awards this new year can help you make your employees aware that you're aware of their outstanding accomplishments. It can make people feel valued at work and show gratitude for each person's good job.

1. Most improved award

Employees who have improved significantly in their performance in the past year, month, or quarter can be awarded the most improved award this new year.

2. Best attendance award

Employees who showcase their determination and grit by coming to work the most number of days can be awarded the best attendance award.

3. No pain, no gain award

The awards help recognize people who put in extra effort to help the company achieve its desired targets.

4. The social butterfly award

In the digital age, an interesting, fun office awards collection is incomplete without a social butterfly award for your star employee who is highly active on social media platforms.

5. Customer service award

Acknowledge employees who consistently provide outstanding customer service to improve your business presence.

6. The perfect attendance award

Award your passionate and enthusiastic employees with pitch-perfect attendance records over a specific time duration.

7. Employee of the month (or quarter) award

Appreciate your employees who have worked and have excelled in their performance benchmark for a specific time.

8. The motivator award

This award is given to employees with leadership skills who play a key role in motivating others who are low on confidence. It helps to improve the overall team’s productivity.

9. Outstanding support award

The award is presented to employees who always support their colleagues and help the team achieve desired outcomes with finesse.

10. Above and beyond award

Similar to the employee of the month award, the above and beyond award also recognizes employees who have exceeded expectations and delivered exceptional results, and is an excellent way to reward special achievements with physical awards.

11. Team player award

The award is given to that team employee who‌ values the team's success above theirs.

12. Awesome personality award

This award is given to an employee who has a unique and impressive personality.

13. Friendliest person award

This award is given to that person who builds good friendship bonds with all the employees at the workplace.

14. Best dressed award

This award is given to the employee who is best dressed at your corporate new year event.

15. Coach/mentor of the year award

This recognition award is given to an employee who has effectively coached or mentored their subordinate in solving problems, improving performance, and helping build skills.

16. The WFH ‘hall of fame’ award

This unique award is given to an employee who has been a consistent performer during work from home and has always met the project or team expectations.

17. The award for bringing the fun

This award falls in a special category of rewards and recognition where an employee always tries to bring a fun element to the workplace, making the working environment positive. It can also be given to the employees for performing some fun activity during the office new year party.

18. The team spirit award

The team spirit award is vital at work and is given to employees who have tried to foster transparent communication, collaboration and embody the essence of a passionate workplace.

19. The resolutions master award

This award is given to an employee who has the best new year resolution.

20. The rockstar employee award

The rockstar employee award is given to that employee who has been a flag bearer by going above and beyond their job and always showing passion, dedication, and empathy towards the team.

21. The best prognosticator award

This award is given to those unique employees who help the organization to focus on future business continuity plans. To achieve this award, an employee should be very well equipped with business skills and be experienced.

22. The "positive attitude" award

This award is given to an employee who has always tried to promote a positive culture in the workplace by showing a positive attitude toward the team.

23. Most supportive employee

This award is given to an employee who has helped their peers at work and has always been a supporting partner toward the team.

24. Most dedicated employee

This award is given to an employee who has been fully committed to work, despite the hurdles. This employee has a high potential in any organization, which is critical to organizational success.

These new year's awards can help your employees receive encouragement and appreciation to reach their potential.

And for most hardworking Employees, with these Awards you can send them a motivational message. For ideas on message check 26 Motivational Corporate New Year Messages for Employees in 2024

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Key takeaway

Rewards and recognition are important in strengthening your company’s culture, increasing employee engagement, and retaining your best employees.

At this new year corporate event, showcase your appreciation towards your dedicated workforce and recognize their efforts with relevant new year awards and rewards.

But it’s important you have the support of a holistic employee engagement tool to recognize, reward, and connect with your workforce this new year.

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