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Is your organization a "Great Place To Work"? Do you believe an organization with a strong corporate culture, where employees are happy with what they are doing, and their happiness is infectious, always scores high on credibility?

As the capital city of India, Delhi has always been known for its political activities and the presence of various government offices and essential administration.

With the expanding economy, Delhi has earned the title of the World's top 30 'super-cities', with the invent of foreign investment boosting the sectors in the city like Information technology, real estate, retail, ITES, hospitality, and many more. This article looks at the ten best companies to work for in Delhi.

The vibrant city bustles with some of the best companies to work for, with unique company cultures that appreciate the employees and communities they serve.

Let’s see what the organizations of Delhi-NCR are focusing on; to build a culture that lays the foundation for exceptional work.

Top 10 Companies in the Delhi-NCR

Below are the ten best companies to work for based in Delhi-NCR, which has been placed in the top 100 best places to work by Great Places to work in 2022.

1. Google India Private Ltd.

  • National Rank: 01
  • Industry: Information Technology | Software
  • Glassdoor rating: 4.6/5
  • Headcount: 1683

Perks offered by Google India Private Ltd: Of course, there is nothing unlikeable about this tech titan. Some of the perks of the uber-cool work culture of Google, which ultimately makes it hit the topmost position in the venerable list of the best companies to work for in India, are:-

  • ️➡️ ️️️️Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • ️➡️ ️️️️Free Pet Zone
  • ️➡️ ️️️️Flexible work schedule
  • ➡️ Fully equipped gym
  • ️➡️ ️️️️Outdoor and indoor games
  • ️➡️ ️️️️Massage parlors and Haircuts
  • ️➡️ ️️️️Sleep Pods
  • ️➡️ ️️️️Health Insurance

Why is it a great place to work?

Google stands head and shoulders above the rest because it knows how to pamper its employees.

But, if you think that their plush offices and umpteen fun activities are the only reasons they are placed among the top echelons of cool workplaces, you still need to know a lot more about the employee benefits they have made after a rigorous analytical approach.

  • De-stressing Zone: Do you know that every Googler has a chill-out space? Well, Google has designed its office with ‘break-out’ spaces where employees can have ‘space out’ moments. The management at Google believes that the relaxed mind can only produce fun-filled innovation.
  • Employee engagement: For the last 17 years, without a break, the company's co-founders hold TGIFs (Thank God It's Fridays), where they answer questions from employees around the world. This is just another way to make employees feel engaged and an important part of the global Google family.
  • Women’s initiatives: In its creative story of success, Google offers academic scholarships to future leaders in technology and supports employee resource groups like Women@Google.
Employer Quotes

"At Google, it all starts and ends with people," says Rajan Anandan, vice president & managing director of Google, South East Asia & India

No doubt why it receives thousands of applications daily! Let’s see what the other nine organizations are doing to keep their corporate environment's employee happiness index high.

2. American Express India

  • National Rank: 02
  • Glassdoor rating: 3.7/5
  • Headcount: 10,498

Perks: American Express India employees have an extreme sense of pride in working at one of India's best companies to work for.

  • ➡️ Smart Savings program
  • ➡️ Health benefits
  • ➡️ Onsite fitness center
  • ➡️ Onsite child care
  • ➡️ College tuition reimbursement
  • ➡️ Mothers’ nursing rooms

Why is it a great place to work?

With more than 90% of millennials in the total workforce, Amex has not only taught a work culture of gratitude and appreciation for each other among its employees. It has also set a benchmark with the lowest attrition rate in the industry.

American Express is one of those organizations which have fostered a corporate environment that is interactive, cool, and winning at the same time.

  • Millennial Employee Network: From focus groups to developing new card products to reverse mentoring with senior leaders, the Employee Network gives millennials a unique opportunity to work across business groups and significantly impact both employees and cardmembers.
  • Global Working Parent and Caregiver of the Year Awards: Through this award, American Express has recognized working parents juggling their careers and families in extraordinary ways for the past three years.
Employer Quotes

“Mental and physical health are places where we want to do more work. We want to make sure that employees come and talk about it. We are working out ways to tackle stress and go beyond employee happiness,” says Sanjay Rishi, president, American Express South Asia.

3. Teleperformance India

  • National Rank: 04
  • Glassdoor Rating: 4/5
  • Industry: Information technology
  • Headcount: 4638

Perks: Teleperformance India is honored as one of India's best companies to work for because of its lucrative perks.

  • ➡️ Medical Insurance for self
  • ➡️ Fun Indoor and Outdoor Activities
  • ➡️️ Family Days
  • ➡️️ Daily Scorecards

Why is it a great place to work?

Ultimately man-power intensive organization, Teleperformance India, which gets 70 % of its core business from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations, not only took the leadership status in the BPO industry by capitulating the fourth position in the list of best places to work in India but also broke the two stereotypes about this high industry attrition and short management spans; with its cutting-edge thinking of having no HR department at all.

People's practices at Teleperformance undoubtedly reflect that if a company wants to score higher on employee happiness, employee engagement, and weave recognition into the culture, then the best way is to give power of recognition back into the hands of employees every one of them. Apart from a re-wiring HR system, management has realigned some policies for enhanced employee-experience delivery.

  • Chief Experience Officer: That’s how this BPO giant defines the role of its CEO to create a fun place at work. Taking ownership of employee happiness is the first job of management here.
  • Employee care Centers: Managed like a mini call center for employees, the e-care ticketing system is connected to the organization's intranet, where employees log in to 'My zone' and post an e-care request related to any issue ranging from hygiene to training needs. Around-the-clock system, e-ticketing is managed by a team of eight whose responsibility is to provide the first resolution within 24 hours of a ticket being raised and case closure in 72 hours.

In any case, there could be no better way to score high on the acquisition, engagement, care, and retention of employees at the workplace.

Employer Quotes

“We have re-wired HR to focus on talent excellence. Most people in this team are those who have been successful in customer experience delivery. They replicate the same process for enhanced employee experience delivery." Says Sanjay Mehta, MD of Teleperformance India

4. Marriott Hotels India Private Ltd.

  • National Rank: 06
  • Industry: Hospitality| Food & Beverage Services
  • Glassdoor rating: 3.8/5
  • Headcount: 8200

Perks: Stick with this global hospitality giant long enough, and you'll find yourself staying for free at hotels all around the world. That’s a perk that awaits Marriott International associates who put in 25 years with the company. But this is just one of many sweet reasons why it is one of India's best companies to work fine.

  • ➡️ Onsite Fitness Center and Gym
  • ➡️ Staff Discounts
  • ➡️ Social engagement
  • ➡️ Car wash & Dry Cleaning
  • ➡️ Job Sharing
  • ➡️ Compressed work weeks
  • ➡️ Onsite Child care
  • ➡️ Maternity and paternity leaves

Why is it a great place to work?

"You can work in almost any capacity from manual to executive almost anywhere in the world! It’s fun working here when you try to give the best of your best.", one of the employees of Marriott said.

Marriott's history of taking care of its employees dates back to its early days, when its founder, JW Marriott, counseled its employees individually on their problems at his first hotel. He valued their presence, kept them posted about the latest happenings in Marriott, and gave them excellent training.

JW Marriott always ensured that employees who joined the company felt part of the Marriott family. And since then, as the chain has grown in India with 39 hotels, the management has always remained cognizant that the tradition of welcoming work culture, employee engagement, teamwork, and appreciation should not be diluted.

If all this isn’t enough, well, how many people get to enjoy a stay with family in Marriott Hotel on their birthdays? Yes, Marriott follows some endearing human resource practices, like treating even junior associates (the internal term for employees) to a one-night stay in a Marriott hotel on their birthdays with their families. It makes for a great birthday present, isn’t it?

Employer Quotes

Neeraj Govil, Market Vice President, South Asia, Marriott International Inc said. “Every person who works for Marriott is called an 'associate,' not an employee, and our associates are an indispensable asset on which our success is anchored. Our associates are at the core of all our achievements, forming an unbeatable power that drives our company’s excellence.

5. SAP Labs India Private Ltd

  • National Rank: 07
  • Industry: Information Technology| Services
  • Glassdoor rating: 4.1/5
  • Headcount: 5339

Perks: Apart from awards, some unique perks that SAP Labs India offers to make itself count as one of the best companies to work for in India are:-

  • ➡️ 20-week long maternity and paid adoption leaves for women
  • ➡️ Work from home for four days a month

Why it’s a great place to work?

There is a “relentless tide of optimism” at this “dynamic” software titan, where “every challenge is viewed as a learning opportunity.” With SAP’s worldwide offices, employees feel they’re part of a “global community,” where “anyone in the world” is willing to lend a helping hand.

Rising from 3.7 to 4.1 Glassdoor rating in one year, this global brand has garnished an impressive improvement in employee engagement and employee happiness by knowing each of their employees on a personal level. Presently, SAP Labs has many initiatives to keep employees' motivation high.

  • Initiatives for women: Women employees are entitled to twenty weeks of paid maternity leave with additional facilities during and post-pregnancy.
  • SAPlings in-house crèche: This crèche caters to 250 children aged nine months to six years. Under this program. Children are provided with daycare, Montessori education, summer camps, and other activities.
  • Care for Life: One of the most impactful initiatives has been an Employee Benevolent Fund called ‘Care for Life Fund’, a purely voluntary, employee funded, and employee managed initiative used to provide financial support to employees and their families in times of unexpected and unforeseen emergencies.
  • Other activities: In addition, SAP also has 33 interest groups, each catering to specific fun activities like drama, music, art, dance, etc., to help employees pursue an interest of their choice.
Employer Quotes

Vlasta Dusil, head of human resources said, "We want to encourage everyone to think outside the box and work beyond their comfort zones. At HR, we constantly rework leave policies, make improvements on work life balance, and provide maximum flexibility for employees to balance work with personal needs."
Not enough? Ever heard of “Breakfast with Bosses” concept, where the employees get to enjoy the first day of the meal prepared by the senior management and with the managers? SAP employees enjoy this interactive experience daily!

6. The Oberoi Group

  • National Rank: 08
  • Industry: Hospitality| Hotel/Resort
  • Glassdoor rating: 4.2/5
  • Headcount: 4000

Perks: Oberoi is not just a company. Over the years, it has built itself into a brand with unflinching employee-friendly strategies that govern its positioning in the coveted list of best places to work.

  • ➡️ Health Care & Insurance
  • ➡️ Employee Discount
  • ➡️ Maternity and paternity leave
  • ➡️ Six weekly off in a month

Why it’s a great place to work?

“Oberoi believes in me”, says one of the staffer.

In the hospitality sector, employee engagement closely correlates to customer satisfaction, and it's all about EQ (emotional quotient). With more than 4000 employees and 30+ hotels in India, management at 51-year-old iconic Oberoi knows how to create a feeling of “home away from home” for employees. In addition to a competitive pay package, Oberoi strives to give its employees an excellent work-life and, above all, works toward empowering its employees for high employee engagement.

  • Work Culture: The company values good leadership, offers better growth opportunities, a friendly fun-work environment, and training facilities.Open communication, trust among working teams, and a relentless focus on winning the right way are key aspects of this cool workplace.
  • Appreciation & Motivation: Dharma may seem a vaunted description for the work environment at Oberoi group but
    reward and recognition program has been built around those values to promote a culture where everyone is considered a stakeholder.
Employer Quotes

"No questions asked. And that creates a sense of ownership, a sense of pride. We get countless letters from guests on what people have done for them to make the experience special. That really comes from empowerment and ownership," said managing director and CEO Vikram Oberoi

7. Cadence Design Systems-India

  • National Rank: 13
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Glassdoor rating: 3.9/5
  • Headcount: 1593

Perks: With the commitment of creating a fun and robust work culture, evidenced by high employee survey scores and people-related solid management practices, Cadence is one of the best places to work, which allows its employees to relish corporate freedom. Established in 1987, the Noida site is the largest Cadence R&D site outside the U.S.

  • ➡️ Health services
  • ➡️ Employee Stock purchase plan
  • ➡️ Education reimbursement
  • ➡️ Fun indoor and outdoor games
  • ➡️ Long-term insurance plan
  • ➡️ Maternity leave
  • ➡️ Transportation Services

Why is it a great place to work?

Founded in 1987, this electronic design automation company enables global electronic design innovation and plays an essential role in creating today's integrated circuits and electronics.

With the employee-centric framework, Cadence Design System- India has showcased the depth of its shared, unified, and vibrant culture raising its score of employee happiness and employee engagement.

  • Initiatives for Women: The semiconductor technology company regularly conducts analyses to ensure that women employees are paid fairly. It goes to great lengths to take good care of them, especially during special phases of their lives like pregnancy and Maternity. For example, it has a specially designated Ladies Relaxing Room, which can be a boon for pregnant women who need short breaks from their work.
  • Buddy System: New hires are assigned a "buddy" at Cadence who will show them the ropes, make introductions, show them around and answer any questions they may have. This support allows them to more efficiently and swiftly transition into working at the company.
  • Cadence Cares: Cadence actively supports our employee's work-life balance through our Cadence Cares programs which enable employee giving in the communities where they live and work. Employees are given five paid days off of work each calendar year to volunteer for the nonprofit or school.
Employer Quotes

"Over the last 28 years that we have been in India, all of us at Cadence have strived to build an employee culture that is based on respect, learning, teamwork, innovation, excellence in execution, and fun." said Jaswinder Ahuja, corporate vice president, and managing director, Cadence Design Systems India.

8. Adobe Systems India Private Ltd.

  • National Rank: 21
  • Industry: Information Technology| Services
  • Glassdoor rating: 4.3/5
  • Headcount: 3804

Perks: "If you want your organization to become one of the titans of industry, the then the first step is making it one of the best companies to work for all your employees". Adobe is one of the best examples of this.

  • ➡️ Employee Stock purchase plan
  • ➡️ Health services
  • ➡️ Education reimbursement
  • ➡️ Fun indoor and outdoor games
  • ➡️ Long-term insurance plan
  • ➡️ Vehicle maintenance
  • ➡️ Wellness Reimbursement Program

Why it's a great place to work?

People at this software company, which makes ubiquitous programs like Acrobat and Photoshop, say they proudly stand behind its bold vision to change the future of creativity.

Staffers praise Adobe's endlessly fascinating work and its passion for the arts, which ­is also one of the reasons for the motivation of employees.

With the employee-centric framework, Adobe has already embedded culture of trust, camaraderie, respect, and pride among its employees.

Which employees would not rate their workplace high on employee engagement and employee happiness when they have all the fun clubs like skiing and hiking within their workplace?

9. Microsoft Corporation India Private Ltd.

  • National Rank: 24
  • Industry: Information Technology | Software
  • Glassdoor rating: 4.1/5
  • Headcount: 7021

Perks: "Value-based leadership transforms organizational culture." Building one of the best organizations for employees is always a continuous process. Some of the employee benefits adopted by Microsoft India are:-

  • ➡️ Health care & Insurance
  • ➡️ Gym
  • ➡️ Transportation Services
  • ➡️ Fun indoor and outdoor games
  • ➡️ Long-term insurance plan
  • ➡️ Work From Home
  • ➡️ Maternity & Paternity leave

Why is it a great place to work?

Microsoft is betting big on trust, autonomy, and collaboration. Recently, Microsoft stopped ranking employees by performance, with the main criteria being individual accomplishments.

On the other hand, now Microsoft assesses individuals in three ways: their results and business impact, how much they contribute to the success of others, and how much their results build on the work of others.

"The culture is great, and employee happiness is the first preference of the management here," says Microsoft. "I don't have to give any explanation to my managers, as long as I deliver results." It is building a corporate culture where individual ideas are nurtured and valued.

  • Microsoft Achievement Award (MSAA) is a sabbatical program that aims to revitalize employees who would be difficult to replace by virtue of their high-level positions, experience, and proven performance. The company believes that the MSAA fosters retention, appreciation, and motivation by enabling employees to avoid burnout.
Employer Quotes

"At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more." -Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

10. SAS Institute India Private Ltd.

When you treat employees with respect, you foster an environment of innovation and creativity.

  • National Rank: 32
  • Industry: Information technology| Software
  • Glassdoor rating: 4.1/5
  • Headcount: 146

Perks: SAS Institute India is one of the best companies to work for because:

  • ➡️ Health services & Regular Checkups
  • ➡️ Fun indoor and outdoor games/ Special Friday
  • ➡️ Childcare
  • ➡️ Dry cleaning & Hair Cuts
  • ➡️ Subsidized breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Why it's a great place to work?

SAS -- the world's leading business analytics software vendor knows how to make life easy, fun, and carefree for the employees. SAS reflects that apart from awards, the other straightforward recipe for high employee engagement, motivation, and employee happiness is- supporting people relationships and maintaining a healthy work-life balance for more productive, satisfied, and dedicated employees.

Here are some of the favorite not-your-every-day-variety benefits this data analytics firm offers to make itself one of the best companies to work for in India.

  • You can get all your errands done under the same roof: This world leader believes in helping relieve everyday stress for employees. Therefore, they offer many services onsite to help employees knock out their 'To Do List' like first-class medical, dental, and vision care for the whole family.
  • Creative Work Spaces: SAS understands that creativity doesn't happen on command, so it supports the flexibility to work when and where employees feel the most creative. Of course, it has to be one of the best places to work.
Employer Quotes

“Our employees are the best of the best. As a leader it is important to ensure that our employees are motivated constantly. A motivated and a happy team is what make businesses successful. We continuously innovate internally to provide our employees an atmosphere they can excel in,” - Sudipta K Sen, CEO & Managing Director of SAS Institute (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Ending Notes

As you can see, company culture, community service, employee engagement, employee happiness, employee motivation, appreciation, and recognition can be shown in many different ways.

And we think you'll agree each of these companies are pretty cool. Smaller steps towards a healthier, happier workplace can make a big difference in how productivity for organizations.

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