Employee Recognition & Rewards

Explore the latest employee recognition and rewards best practices, strategies, ideas, articles, and more to build a culture of recognition in your organization.

How to Choose the Right Employee Rewards and Recognition Platform

When choosing an employee reward and recognition platform, you can’t go wrong with a solution that offers a particularly recherché selection of features.

14 Companies with Great Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs

These 14 companies have redefined workplace culture and improved productivity with their amazing employee rewards and recognition programs.

Who will Champion Employee R&R in the Digital Workplace?

In workplace 4.0, a digital R&R program helps attract and retain the best talent. This program should be driven by a dedicated R&R Committee, in collaboration with managers and employees, while HR takes on the role of an enabler. Read more in the blog.

Healing Healthcare's Heroes: Rewards and Recognition for Nurses, Doctors, and Other Frontline Healthcare Workers

During these hard times, leaders must step in to help the frontline healthcare staff recuperate - by unleashing appreciation and meaningful rewards.

What are Total Rewards: Here’s A Holistic View

Redefine your total rewards strategy to catalyze attraction, retention, employee engagement, and you might win the 'Best Workplace' award!

What is the Difference Between Benefits, Perks, Gifts, Awards, Incentives, and Rewards?

Learn about the difference between benefits, perks, gifts, awards, incentives, and rewards to attract, retain, and engage top talent with their right mix.

Employee Rewards: Discretionary Expense or Indispensable Investment?

Employee rewards are an amazing gift wrapped in the recognition flair, but are they really needed? Can they be skipped? Let’s find out the reality.

The Power of Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace

Positive reinforcement in the workplace drives employee motivation and overall employee experience. Here are the different types and examples of positive reinforcement you can use.

10 Best Employee Recognition Award Ideas You Must Try

Are your employee recognition awards being done right? Here are some creative employee recognition award ideas for a prolific & happy workforce.

How to Write the Perfect Employee Recognition Letter [+ 6 Templates]

Employee recognition fosters positive sentiment and boosts their motivation. Here are the 6 Employee Recognition Letters for your employees.

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